Coca1n3 Heartbreak

Oh, they don’t really know about me And they can never know about you They can’t see what we do The reason why I’m high off you I feel the withdraw, back and forth we go Up and down Chris Cross, I’m strung on him His coca1n3 Love’s got me losing my mind, yeah And I’m addicted to his love affair His Coca1n3 Love’s got me losing my mind, yeah And I’m addicted to his love affair This Coca1n3 heartbreak This Coca1n3 and I’m addicted to his love affair Wearing: Bella Boy… Read More

Cant Remember, To Forget You

I left a note on my bedpost, Said not to repeat Yesterday’s mistakes, What I tend to do When it comes to you, I see only the good Selective memory, The way he makes me feel, yeah Gotta hold on me, I’ve never met someone so different Oh here we go, He a part of me now So where you go I follow, follow, follow I can’t remember to forget you I keep forgetting I should let you go But when you look at me The only memory is us kissing in… Read More

Such A Vivrant Thang

I’m yo special girl, yo real good girl Biggest bitch in yo itty bitty world Comin’ up in the ninety nine, every other word I say Be part of my rhyme Catch me outside of the club, smokin’ seltzer wit Jason Get my mind fucked up and my heartbeat racin’ You can call me your crafty honey I don’t give a fuck as long as you give me the money It’s such a vivrant thang nigga, vivrant thang, a vivrant thang Wearing: Top: [C.A] Retro Top – Teal by Cold Ambitionz also @… Read More

Case Closed…

  Wearing: U.R. Fashion Designs Case Closed Dresses Available in 6 Color Combinations

Make it A Beautiful Day

Life is a journey, Not a destination, There are no mistakes, Just chances we’ve taken Lay down your regrets cause all we have is now I wonder how life will surprise me today Early in the morning It’s the dawn of a new day New hopes new dreams new ways I open up my heart and I’m gon’ do my part and Make this a positively beautiful day Azrael: Dress: {S} Rebecca Sweater Dress by Solicit @ Lyfe of Style Shoes: [C.A] Maya Suede Boots by Cold Ambitionz Pink: Dress: Guilty Pleasure… Read More

Love That Dirty Bass

I’m going ham when the beat drop Got beef, eat it like a pork chop And the bass go pump pump like a Reebok Sitting so high in the Phantom like a tea cup Hit thriller bang bang at the stage Big Willie, chillin’ on the big Willah Your girl icky, Give me lick, licky, licky No smalls, all biggie biggie Umm… and she bop to the beat Ba-back it up, hear the beep beep Come to L.A., life on the beach And she give me brain.. Screech Club poppin’, dirty bass,… Read More

[YUMZ] Vip Group Gift

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Ain’t Nothing Betta Than That Satisfaction

Now I’ma do this thing like it ain’t done before Never leave the game stranded, I had to give more I’ma give you what you want, what you waitin’ for? Make the music that the people can’t ignore A lotta niggas is bitches, a lotta bitches be trippin’ A lotta them be wishin’ that they was in my position A lotta niggas be cowards and most chicks be chickens Anything I want… I’ma get it ‘cuz I know I need it It’s Evey comin’ and I know you heated.. Anything I need… Read More


When he first walked thru the door I had this feeling That i never felt before, he was the finest thing I ever seen. He had me trembling just cause he smiled at me, then he kissed me softly on my cheek, said to me “You smell good enough to eat” girl I swear my heart Must have skipped a beat. He’s got me feelin’ like I did when I was seventeen, and i couldnt wait.. For him to put his hands all over me. Slowly… Wearing: All the ladies are wearing… Read More

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