She gotta be special

Look there’s requirements to be an admirer Still the new version of fresh needa a Nia or Tyra So we can be Jenny and Swayze I told you I’m careful with my heart girl, many have played me Or maybe its karma They say is a charmer Halfway to a knight so I stay in a armor I’m fire on the move A tire looking smooth I’m not perfect but I got a desire to improve I’m special Like kids in a graduating class Having more trouble than others when adding basic math Need you to be special like areba… Read More


You were walking on the moon, now you’re feeling low What they said wasn’t true, you’re beautiful Sticks and stones break your bones, I know what you’re feeling Words like those won’t steal your glow, you’re one in a million This, this is for all the girls, boys all over the world Whatever you’ve been told, you’re worth more than gold So hold your head up high, it’s your time to shine From the inside out it shows, you’re worth more than gold… Wearing: . {thePyramid Miana Bustier – Gold .iRetro. Spandex… Read More

Forever strong and forever sweet

It seems that time moves much too fast Love is here and love will last Your body’s warm and sure to please Lady of love, take all of me Every day I dream Of holding you close to me Every night I find me Touching your lips with mine Wearing: .StrawBerry. Candy Dress L :sky: Available in 4 other colors – Mesh with Lola appliers /Wasabi Pills/ Christy Mesh Hair Belgravia – Patent 120 Spikes

Tryin to keep up your heart might stop

Let’s give em a shock man This is critical I’m rollin out and it’s about Get physical How you like me now, like me now Down on the floor You better lose your breath til there’s nothin left Then scream for more Scream for more..yeah Heart beatin faster and faster Just see the green; let’s go Tryin so hard just to catch it for it’s about you Let’s go I got the fire: it’s burnin I need somebody to know Movin so quickly; it’s crazy Fallin right out of my clothes Wearing:… Read More

I’ll rip my heart out and hand you the shit

I say damn I must be left cause you the best I ever seen right shawty put me on, you got me gone like some green lights See you with your girls, they probably telling that he aint right Bet they be the same bitches at the wedding throwing rice Lets get together over night Shawty Im a pro and you are lookin like the prototype But see that I took your advice, sometimes you got to blow it twice then shake it up and roll the dice Im cruisin on the… Read More

I need attendance from my nurse around the clock

Tell her try her best just to make it quick Woman tend to the sick Because there must be something she can do This heart is broken in two Tell her it’s a case of emergency There’s a patient by the name of Mickey Night nurse Only you alone can quench this here thirst My night nurse, Oh God Oh the pain is getting worse I don’t want to see no Doc I need attendance from my nurse around the clock Because there’s no prescription for me She’s the one, the only… Read More

Here’s my space any time you need it

it’s not enough to do the simple things you mean so much more to me i mean it when i say “i’ll do *anything*…” proving my l-o-v-e just name it and I’m on it it’s never too much cuz i want it just as bad as i did from day 1 and i ain’t done… I don’t need no reason I’m  just into pleasing you cuz your the best thing that’s ever happened to me ohhhh… you ain’t gotta want for nothing cuz i tailor make all my lovin for ya just… Read More

Cant help my interest, candy addiction

Hey, I’ve got a mouth full of cavities. Sweet tooth, full of mama, like sugar to me. So my love with the lips, put a bug in the ear tone. Shawty gotta kiss, it’s an emergency. Spit sprung for the taste, addicted to her gloss. Won’t smile this way, baby I rub it off. Put my tongue in your face A little mistletoe, sippin Gram I A. Im a fan all day. Do me that favor, cuz I like your flavor. My manage behavior; I’m into your major. Sweeter so flavor, that’s… Read More

No, she don’t even believe them, It’s so much better right here inside

Cozy is a woman now, but she wants to be a girl again She don’t care for all the people who tell her She should be the way that they think it is She don’t see them, she got better things to do with her eyes And no, she don’t even need them ’cause it’s better It so much better right here inside When you stop looking for something, something you’ll never find Lemon is a girl again, she don’t care what all the people say She got ribbons in her hair… Read More

Oh my look at those eyes..

No, tell me it’s not so That people will come and they’ll go We push away all the love that we know No, tell me it’s not so Like in the eye of a storm You’re changing form You feel the pull of the time ticking by Oh my look at these times But look at who’s right beside you When you’re alone barely holding on You leave your worries behind you You’re not alone in the dark But look at who’s right beside you You’re looking back thinking oh my God… Read More

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