All I Ever Think About

Naturally you and me we have a bit of jealousy I might ask why’d she call?/You might ask who is he? But I could never think of letting go Ain’t no other man that can have me No way/no how/no circumstance If you thought about it, no think again Baby/Slow ya roll/You ain’t leaving me no I ain’t lettin you go/All I ever think about is you And I guess I never really ever loved no one/All I ever think about is you From the rising of the moon to the setting… Read More

Its Levels to Dis Shii

Learn Life Its levels to dis shii young BOI Fit: Paperbag. Oversized BABE T Paperbag. Dark Spring Cut Off Shorts Shoes: [Shoeminati] Chucks Hi Fatpack Hair: booN HYA209 Hair Brown Accessories: (Yummy) Quinn Frames – Red =Zenith=Lining PU Leather Backpack Caramel


Up, up and away we go Racing to the sky I’m feel unfadable Cuz the vapors Can save us And take us And make us believe That we are free We can be free So can I please Fit ** Stripper Bikini Champagne *NEW at Collabor88*Hair booN cornrows hairbase red booN UDE609 hair redAccessories *May’s Soul* Always in your chain Maubray // Petite Fleur [sM] Tootsie Bow Chain

Oh My

I want you on my team, we be like Charlie Sheen Winning this life of sinning, where women be liking women And men is like ripping lemons Sour when I pass by, wait till I’m in them denims I’m a hit that ass LIKE! Fit -CandyDoll-Plain Tank White Shirt Blueberry Marianne *Mesh* Maxi Skirt *FatPack* Hair *booN FTN683 hair black Accessories EarthStones Diamond Bangles – Gold EarthStones The Diamond Stud Earrings – Princess [AB] The Theology Necklace

No, she don’t even believe them, It’s so much better right here inside

Cozy is a woman now, but she wants to be a girl again She don’t care for all the people who tell her She should be the way that they think it is She don’t see them, she got better things to do with her eyes And no, she don’t even need them ’cause it’s better It so much better right here inside When you stop looking for something, something you’ll never find Lemon is a girl again, she don’t care what all the people say She got ribbons in her hair… Read More

Tribute to Freedom

“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we lived.  It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead”.   ~ Nelson Mandela 1918 – 2013 ChouChou — Body — *booN gathered raised hairbase *booN hairpieces TANA01 *booN KGI848 hair Deesses Skins: Glamour – dark lipstick set DEESSES: Shanina – Make up available for last 2 tones Pink Acid Egyptian Goddess Eyeliner — Outfit — GizzA – Voyage – Dandy Pastel {{BSD Design studio}} post modernism -nude… Read More

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