Ready To Get Goin

Let Me Be Your Angel, Im Ready, Ready To Get Goin On Ya Love. You Dont Have To Worry, Im Ready To Do, Whatever You Require, Is My One And Only Desire. Call On Me, And You Know That ill Be All You Need. Ooooh Come To Me. I Got What You Like, And Your Love I Wont Deny. All That You Need, All That You Want. I Wanna Be The One Thats Giving You More. All That You Need, All That You Want. I Wanna Be The One Thats Giving You… Read More

Everybody’s got a dark side

Oh oh oh, there’s a place that I know It’s not pretty there and few have ever gone If I show it to you now Will it make you run away? Or will you stay Even if it hurts Even if I try to push you out Will you return? And remind me who I really am Please remind me who I really am Everybody’s got a dark side Do you love me? Can you love mine? Nobody’s a picture perfect But we’re worth it You know that we’re worth it Will… Read More

You ain’t gettin’ it like I’m gettin’

So tell me what you on, tell me what the hell you want, need to worry ’bout your own. I’m a have to put you on blast. ‘Cause we look so fresh together, can’t nobody do it better. And I don’t care what they say I’m gon’ stay with my baby. Tell me why you in my B-I-Z. Your gonna make me get my vasoline. You don’t wanna catch the third degree. Back up, I need 50 feet. I don’t think ya really want it. Wearing: .StrawBerry. Girl Party :Bugandy: Available in… Read More

Tryin to keep up your heart might stop

Let’s give em a shock man This is critical I’m rollin out and it’s about Get physical How you like me now, like me now Down on the floor You better lose your breath til there’s nothin left Then scream for more Scream for more..yeah Heart beatin faster and faster Just see the green; let’s go Tryin so hard just to catch it for it’s about you Let’s go I got the fire: it’s burnin I need somebody to know Movin so quickly; it’s crazy Fallin right out of my clothes Wearing:… Read More

I gotta fantasy

3 o’clock in the morning And I got you on top of me You know I really want it Yeah baby you can be my fantasy Here, there, everywhere you need And it’s like you’re …the way you’re cooking The way your body screams my name Got me feeling like I’m half crazy The way your body calls my name You could be my muse You could be my muse Tell me if it’s real Baby are you real? Oh You could be my muse… Featuring: [DC]SluttyBish Bodysuit (Cheetah) Group Gift From… Read More

What I Need.. Something Real LOTD #25

He knows how to treat a lady But he won’t let you get too rowdy He stands up for himself That’s what I like most about him He’s all I see and all I need And all that I want, and all that I’m used to I swear that my man’s the truth I said I swear that my man’s the truth I need a hood boy, Wifebeaters and jeans Always in the trap, And he looks so mean I need a hood boy, Go’on head pretty We don’t like them there,… Read More

Killa Fashion – LOTD #3

Wearing on the Left: Dress: Mercy in Orange Cream by Deadly Couture Shoes: N-core Triumph in White Hair: Unwritten Lyrics by ::Exile:: in Sear Jewelry: Necklace – [DC] Fatal Necklace Combo in Silver; Ring: [DC] Royalty Ring in Silver both by Deadly Couture Wearing on the Right: Bodysuit: [DC] Embroidered White Bodysuit by Deadly Couture Shoes: N-core OBSESSION XtremeHeel Fatpack Hair: IGGY BRAID (Colors) by Fonde Hairbase: Truth Hair hairbase in Blood Jewelry: Wrists – CUFF BANGLE PLATED GOLD by RYCA; Earrings: Deadly Things Earrings Gold by Deadly Couture; Necklace – Hollow… Read More

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