Hollywood Divorce LOTD #16

Starts off like a small town marriage
Lovely wife and life, baby carriage
Now all the stars have cars, success of course
But it ends in Hollywood divorce, Hollywood divorce
See if I give a fuck if you like me you know I don’t
If she ain’t got a good head on her leave that ho alone
If she do got some good head on her let her sing a song
D is for what I serve, I don’t be on no curb
She ain’t no junkie neither, I ain’t no dope dealer
But she keep comin back three stacks must be some crack
Put that pipe in her lap, she ain’t know how to act



Top: Rock Smith in White by iRetro (Now @ LOS)
Bottom: Liquid Leggings by Paperbag (Now @ LOS)
Shoes: Freda Claw – Army Brat by Paperbag
Hair: RUTH by .:EMO-tions:.
Piercing: Unisex Gold Rebel by Cold Ambitionz
Accessories: BELLY CHAIN DNC in Gold and Hand Chain Bracelets in Gold by RYCA
Deadly Things: Earrings in Gold by Deadly Couture
Lips: ::Modish:: Miana Lipstick – Reds
Eyes: Pink Acid Supreme Eyeliner Double Pack

That Girl.. LOTD #15

There’s sumthin bout this girl
From around my way
Ever try to hold back ur feelings,
But it just wouldn’t stay?
But when I finally found the words to say
I wanted to run away, simply run away
U can try to run and hide
It wont make a difference
U can lie to urself of the reason
Sure it hurts when it comes to ur attention
That youre in love with the girl



Dress: [C.A] Shilo Dress in Sky by Cold Ambitionz
Hair: Beyond the Waves by Exile
Shoes: N-core DELICIOUS in Gold
Earrings: Celine Earrings by .::Bens Beauty::.
Lips: Pink Acid Hollywood Lipstick – Pale Pink

Shilo Dresses Available in four colors now @ fi*Friday

What’s Your Flavor? LOTD #14



{U.R.} Fashion Life Dress (Pink, Red, and White) All six colors available now @ fi*Friday

Shoes: ANEXX

Hairs Featured: Truth Hair and ExXeSs

Jewelry Featured: RYCA, CHOP ZUEY, Revanche, and lunamoon Creations

I Hope You Been Checkin’ Me LOTD #13

Baby.. You sho’ is bumpin, you sho’ is somethin’
See I won’t, trade you for nothin’
See everything, you do to me
You got me trippin’ and I’m satisfied
And that’s guaranteed
I hope you
That you’ve been checkin’ me
I know what you’re talkin’ bout
You got me trippin’ on my own feet
You got me buggin’ boy
You bring me so much joy
You got me open boy
And I’ma save my self for you



Top: [INspire.] Berry PolkaDot Bralette (Now @ LOS)
Bottoms: !.R.! HW Bleach Jean Shorts by Ratchet
Shoes: [Z3] Adidas SuperStar Blk/White Mix by Zone 3
Hair: Haven by TRUTH HAIR
Stockings: [QE] Garter Stockings in Red (Bright Pack) by QE Designs
Necklace: Elle {White} by Indented
Bracelets/Ring: GUCCI PLATINUM set by RYCA
Lips: Pink Acid Baby Love Lip Gloss and Teeth – Pink
Accessory: .:L Mousey Ears (with color change HUD) by Leticia

I’m Out…. LOTD #12

Ladies, it’s your song
So as soon as this come on
You should get out on the floor
Go and get your sexy on
If you know that you better
Than the new girl that he on
Go ‘head and tell him now,
You gon’ miss me when I’m gone.  I’m Out….



Jumpsuit: I’M OUT Cream Bodysuit by Authentic Designs
Shoes: TRIUMPH in White by N-core
Hair: Andrea Mesh Hair by /Wasabi Pills/
Earrings: ..::Bens Beauty::.. Shiny Cross Earrings
Lips: Pink Acid Shiny Lip Gloss V2 – Golden Red
Necklace: Mimi Gold Necklace by RYCA Bracelets: [MANDALA] KABUKI Jewelry Set with Nails

You’ll Neva Find, A Better Woman #11

Loving, so sweet, no beef, just us 2
Tell me what you know about, tell me what you know about
Love through any weather
Fuss, fight, put you out, take you back cuz baby it’s a
Ghetto love affair, Ghetto love affair, Ghetto love affair
Tell me what you know about your man huggin’ blocks, all night
When he should be home huggin’ you..



Dress: [C.A] Mia Dress Mesh (Now @ SOHO)
Shoes: !.R.! All Nude Stripper Boots by Ratchet
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Teeloh hair
Bracelets: Hand Chain Bracelets by RYCA
Necklace: Arial Necklace by [7891.]
Piercings: [C.A] Unisex Rebel Gold Piercing set (Now @ fi*Friday)
Accessory: ..::Bens Beauty::.. Woyn Sunglasses in Black/Gold


Your Love, Got Me Supa Turnt’ Up LOTD #10

You know that I
I’m super turnt up
Boy your love got me super turnt up
I can’t lie, I’m super turnt up
Super turnt up, super turnt up

That’s my baby
He be puttin’ it down
I love my baby
We go round and round



Top: !.R.! Cloud 9 Pink by Ratchet
Bottoms: [COCAINE] Boy Leather
Stockings: {thePyramid mmm! Mickey Nylons
Shoes: [Z3] Blazer Custom 1 by  [Z3] Zone Three
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Teeloh Mesh Hair – Candy Pack (Color: Flaming Cherry)
Jewelry: [MANDALA] TAKARA Bangles in Gold/Black; .:SYL:. Bike Chain Earrings Gold/Onyx
Accessory: —-> Queen Snapback by Indented
Lips: Pink Acid Luxury Lip Gloss & Teeth – Neon Green (Now @ fi*Friday)
Eyes: Pink Acid Mi Amor Deep Eye Makeup (Donation Gift @ fi*Friday)

Grindin’ All Day, Everyday LOTD #9



Top: White Mirrors by !(Devour)! (@ fi*Fridays)
Skirt: Ribbed Latex Skirt by !(Devour)! (@ fi*Fridays)
Shoes: LILLY – 3 Colors by REDGRAVE
Hair: TIAMAT Red Pack by eXxEsS
Jewelry: [MANDALA] TAKARA Bangles; ::Bens Beauty:: Spikes Necklace in Silver (@ fi*Friday)
[DC] Triangle Earrings (silver cheetahs) by Deadly Couture
Accessory: Indy&Co.Snakeskin Clutch – Rouge by Indyra Originals
Lips: MONS Lipgloss Shine in OMBRE Red

High-Class, Full of Sass LOTD #8



Dress: Stripes and Chains by Revanche
Shoes: N-core SEDUCTION Xtreme Heel “Fatpack”
Hair: Candy by TRUTH HAIR
Lips: Pink Acid Shimmer Lip Gloss in Peach
Eyes: MONS/Makeup – Eyeshadow Sunny2 in Black
Jewelry: Amely Bracelets, Earrings, and Necklace by [Modern.Couture] (Available now at fi*Friday)
Accessory: {U.R.} Sass Clutch – White (Available now at fi*Friday)

Wetter LOTD #7



[C.A] Wet Tops (Available now at fi*Friday) by Cold Ambitionz

Blue, Red, White, and Rose


Pink Acid Jeans Booty Shorts – Dark Denim


Trinity by Vanity Hair

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