No teasing/You waited long enough
Go deep/Imma throw it at ya
Can you catch it?
Don’t hold back/You know I like it rough
Know I’m feeling ya/huh
Know you liking it/huh
So why you standing over there with ya clothes on
Baby strip down for me/Go on take em off
Don’t worry baby/Imma meet you half way
Cause I know you wanna see me
No heels
No shirt
No skirt
All I’m in is just skin

Skin F

_S K I N_ Peak Bra & Panties/White
Skin and Makeup:
Deesses Boutique
Loree Skin & Shape @ Fall Fashion Fair
Caffe Latte Tone @ Fall Fashion Fair
Loree Brown Eyebrows @ Fall Fashion Fair
Luxury Eyeshadow #5 @ Fall Fashion Fair
+Spellbound+ SweetDreams
[.G.]Plated Bracelet & Necklace/GOLD by GOSSIP

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