Look how we crossin the finish line

Last night I had a dream that was so real
I woke up in a cold sweat, it felt so ill
I stared into the face of an angel
tainted by the city, you ain’t from this place it’ll change you
Walkin by, I thought I was sly
Offered to try, at first I thought she was shy
‘Til I saw this guy at the bar talkin to her reckless
She ignored him, cast a glance in my direction, started dancin to my section
… Her body flyer than a jet pilot
What a smile and the eyes like wet violets
They flutter by like the wings of the butterfly
Keep it tight, Eva Mendes in “The Other Guys”
Got me in another zone – they call her Sunshine like
“Put your mother on the phone, I ain’t comin home”
Put a deposit on a place in her heart
All along she a place from the start
My favela love, man I fell in love…..

DS -- Flaw and All outfitFeaturing:

*F.A.A.* Stripe Stockings [Black]
*F.A.A.* Ariel Shorts [Black]
*F.A.A.* 69 Crop Top [White]
From Flaws and All @ The Appliers Expo


Choker: HoR – Stranglehold choker – garnet
Glasses: *ICING* Marilyn Glasses – Red
Bag: ::DirtyMind:: Telephone Bag – White/Red
shoes: FLite. x REIGN Creepers Wedge White
Hair: Vanity Hair::Crazy In Love

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