Cant help my interest, candy addiction

Hey, I’ve got a mouth full of cavities.
Sweet tooth, full of mama, like sugar to me.
So my love with the lips, put a bug in the ear tone.
Shawty gotta kiss, it’s an emergency.
Spit sprung for the taste, addicted to her gloss.
Won’t smile this way, baby I rub it off.
Put my tongue in your face
A little mistletoe, sippin Gram I A.
Im a fan all day.
Do me that favor, cuz I like your flavor.
My manage behavior; I’m into your major.
Sweeter so flavor, that’s good for this player.
My hood, now and later, throw back like a pager.
Pretty much, you’re givin me a sugar rush.
Lil mama, give me high blood pressure when you blush.
Lips feel soft as a feather when we touch, Shawty that’s whats up.

DS -- Strawberry-- Sugar


.StrawBerry. Tokyo girl Shorts :Pink:
!lamb. White Chalk Hair
.StrawBerry. Pastel Galaxy Top
.StrawBerry. Pastel Goth necklace :Teal/Mint/Green:
.StrawBerry. Princess Bow :CareBear:


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